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Statement: The Multiuser Seat-Reservation

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Recently it came to my attention, that the multi-user seat-reservation app has been re-distributed by Mr. Farmer as so called “Open Source” code – which it certainly isn’t and never was. Until now the application has only been licensed for one single site. This license has been retracted.

Mr. Farmer only holds rights to the masks theme & some back-end customization –
While I still holds the copyright to the basic application and it’s live-monitoring.

A copyright has been filed, just in case any questions may arise, who originally authored it.
The redistribution happened without authorization – and without any recompense for the author.

The application has been bundled by Mr. Farmer with an abandoned project’s code – he unpacked it’s source-code and removed the copyright notice in about twenty-five cases – while he was telling his clients it is so called “open source” code, which he “maintains”… while he is actually distributing other people’s intellectual property to clueless people – which probably even think, that they support “Open Source” – while they just fund some ┬┤copy & paste artist instead of the author.

I’m actually quite upset, because I’m supporting Ubuntu, WordPress and other GPL projects.
Ordinary only the original author can release something the the public domain –
By removing the copyright notice, it doesn’t get “Open Source” in any way.