W-LAN Measurement with Android

One of the most common problems with W-LAN is, that there are
way too many networks per channel – especially in urban areas…

The major symptom of overlapping W-LANs is:
That the W-LAN is basically working, but at certain times the bandwidth just drops
(e.g. when the neighbor performs his daily backup operation task, or similar).

Recently I came across a neat app for Android, which visualizes existing W-LANs.
It’s called WiFi analyzer and it has various meters which can be switched by swiping.

Like this all surrounding W-LANs can be measured and one can identify the most free channel
on the band. Of course this might change once a neighbor changes his W-LAN’s channel –
or has it set to auto-mode. Also, when new W-LAN AP’s get deployed in the neighborhood,
this might affect your own W-LAN as well.

For me this is one of the most useful tools that were ever invented – and it fits in any pocket 🙂

You can get it here: WiFi analyzer – or checkout the author’s website.